If you are missing one or more teeth, don’t worry, there is a way to bring back your lost smile. Dental crowns and bridges are the best way to help you replace the teeth that you’ve lost in no time. Both crowns and bridges are prosthetic teeth that are made to fit your smile perfectly in shape, size, and color. Usually, crowns are used to replace a single tooth, and bridges are used to replace a row of 2 or more teeth.

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Crowns are usually used when a tooth is severely broken or fractured or it has gone through intense decay where the tooth can’t be fully saved. Crowns are a prosthetic tooth that is either made of porcelain or ceramic to resemble a natural tooth’s feel and color.

In the process of receiving a dental crown, the damaged tooth is shaped down into a smaller size to make the placement of the crown easier. A prosthetic tooth is made to fit your smile perfectly, once the crown is made it is cemented onto the smaller portion of the natural tooth. This tooth is just as strong as the natural teeth allowing you to speak and eat like normal.

It is important to obtain a dental crown when the dentist suggests it to keep the health of your gums and jaw bone.

Dental Bridges

Having the same purpose and function as a dental crown, the dental bridge is used to replace multiple teeth in a row with prosthetic teeth. These teeth are custom made to fit into your mouth perfectly with size, shape, and color.

The only difference between the dental crown and bridge is that the bridge uses healthy surrounding teeth as an anchor to stay in place after placement. These anchor teeth help the prosthetic row of teeth stay stationary while going through your daily life.

Here at Oly-Tumwater Affordable Dental, we want to offer everyone in the Tumwater, Washington, and surrounding areas the best dental care. If you have missing teeth and you would like to repair your smile, dental crowns and bridges might be the thing for you. Please make an appointment to come to visit us so we can help you bring back your smile!