Have you had one or more teeth extracted? Are you looking for a way to permanently replace those teeth to restore your smile? Affordable Dental Care in Tumwater has the answer for you: Dental Implants! Sometimes having missing teeth can cause someone to lose confidence in their smile so our goal is to help our patients regain that confidence by restoring their teeth so that they’ll never want to stop smiling for the rest of their life.

Implant Process

Of course, when you are receiving a permanent tooth replacement you’re going to want it to fit your smile perfectly. It is very important for us to work with you in creating a tooth that you will feel comfortable with and love.

The implant procedure is split up into two main parts, the first part is the dentist sending measurements and color to the lab to be made and then surgically placing the implant base or post into your jaw bone to prepare for the tooth to be permanently placed. Once healed, the second appointment with the dentist will be to place the prosthetic tooth onto the post to permanently secure it in your mouth. We do understand that there could be stress surrounding this step of the process, but we guarantee that our recommended oral surgeons will make the process comfortable for you.

Why Do I Need a Dental Implant?

Although having an implant can help boost confidence and fill the gaps in your mouth, there are also health benefits for receiving a dental implant. Our teeth are used for many things, some obvious and some lesser known. Chewing stimulates the jaw bone and helps it stay healthy and strong enough to hold the teeth. With a missing tooth, the jaw could start to deteriorate making it possible for other teeth to be lost.

Benefits of a Dental Implantdental implant parts

  • Implants help restore your smile to its original form and make your smile whole
  • A fake tooth cannot develop decay therefore no more care will be needed for that tooth other than standard oral care.
  • When replacing a tooth, speech can become clearer and more understandable

Our trained professionals here at Affordable Dental Care are here to help you restore your smile and to help you feel better than ever at an affordable price. If you are in the surrounding areas of Tumwater, Washington and need dental implants, we would love to see you and help you make the next steps to a more full smile!