Preventative dentistry is dental care to keep your teeth healthy, so you won’t have to undergo dental work in the future to rectify any issues. Preventative dentistry works to combat common dental issues such as gum disease, enamel erosion, and cavities. 


There are many different types of preventative dentistry, ranging from twice daily brushing to a full clean by the dentist (also referred to as a ‘scale and polish’). All types of preventative dentistry are carefully designed to keep your teeth healthy and clean. To ensure your teeth are as healthy as can be, regular dental check-ups are recommended. 

Who should consider preventative dentistry?

Everyone! Old or young, whether you’re in Tumwater, Washington, or Texas, everyone should take care of their teeth and avoid damage, so regular cleaning and visits to the dentist are key. Even those without teeth can benefit from preventative dentistry, as dentists are able to spot certain mouth cancers and denture issues. 


What are the different types of preventative dentistry?

Affordable Dental Care — which has an office in Tumwater, Washington — offers a variety of preventative dentistry care to ensure your teeth are as healthy and as strong as they can be. 

Daily brushing 

Daily brushing is an important tool in your arsenal for preventing tooth decay and practicing preventive dentistry. Children should be taught at an early age how to brush their teeth and take care of their oral health. Everyone should brush their teeth twice a day — in the morning and last thing before bed in the evening — using fluoride toothpaste. Remember: toothbrush heads should be replaced frequently. And if you have queries, our dentists can instruct you on the best brushing methods. 

Regular dentist visits 

Frequent trips to a dentist are a crucial practice of preventative dentistry. Dentists will check on the health of your teeth, ensuring that they are healthy, clean and strong. A dentist will check that nothing has arisen since your last visit – be that tooth decay, gum issues or more serious matters like root canals or extractions.


The dentist will offer advice on oral hygiene, products and even advise you on your general diet and wellbeing, to ensure that you’re doing all you can to ensure your teeth are strong and healthy. 

Professional cleaning 

Another preventative dentistry practice is professional cleaning. Dentists — or hygienists — will clean your teeth deeply, removing plaque and scale that can cause long-term damage to your teeth.  


Dental sealant 

A great preventative dentistry solution, dental sealant is placed on your back teeth, acting as a protective barrier between your teeth and potentially damaging substances like food and drink. It’s a painless, quick procedure that dentists can dramatically help to reduce tooth decay. Sealants can last up to 10 years, so do check with your dentist to see if you need yours replaced. 


Preventative dentistry is crucial for those looking to take care of their teeth and avoid expensive, potentially uncomfortable dental work in the future. So, book a check-up today!