Dental Fillings

Gentle Fillings for Tooth Decay in Tumwater, WA

Tooth Colored Fillings in Tumwater, WA - Affordable Family DentalFillings are probably the best-known dental restorations. A filling prevents a cavity from enlarging and deepening and can keep you from needing more expensive and invasive treatment.

Fillings can be made of several different materials. Two of the most popular are silver amalgam and composite resin. Dentists have used both of these materials for many years, and each has its advantages. For example, silver amalgam fillings are usually well-suited for back teeth (molars) and can withstand significant pressure from chewing.

Composite resin fillings, on the other hand, are also durable. However, these fillings are often called white but are really tooth-colored. A composite filling is a discreet choice when you have a cavity in a conspicuous area. The filling will blend seamlessly with the surrounding tooth.

Receiving a filling is not a painful process. Our team uses anesthetic to keep you comfortable, and we’re always gentle with every treatment.

If you have tooth pain or suspect a cavity, don’t delay. Call Affordable Family Dental at 360-995-1994 today to schedule a visit. We’ll make sure your mouth is healthy and get you pain-free.