Oly-Tumwater Affordable Dental, which has an office in Tumwater, Washington offers a variety of dental procedures for the whole family. One of these simple and easy to do dental treatments includes the application of Dental Sealants which our resident dentist is able to organize. 

What Are They?

A Dental Sealant is when you need to protect the surface of the tooth, particularly as you use them to bite down together when chewing food.  The sealant acts as a form of protective barrier and will help stop bits of food getting stuck in any little areas of your teeth. If left for long periods of time in your mouth they could soon cause tooth decay which will result in further costly problems. 

How Are They Applied and Will It be Painful?

The Dental Sealants are usually applied to the very back teeth (also known as the Molars). A thin layer of harmless plastic is applied to the surface of these teeth and is painless and very quick for the dentist to do. The American Dental Association (ADA) reports that they can help reduce the risk of decay by up to almost 80%, which is a significant percentage.

When Would I Need Them? 

Anyone can get them. They can be applied to adults, teenagers and children, and sometimes even in babies over 6 months if they have significant gapping in their teeth. 

Ideally the sooner you can get them done, the more protection your back teeth will have as they are notoriously difficult to clean, even when flossing and brushing each day.

How Long Do They Last?

If good dental hygiene is continued through regular brushing and flossing, they can last up to anywhere between 5 and 10 years. Your dentist will check on these during your regular checkup appointments and will advise accordingly whether they need to be replaced yet. 

How Much Will It Cost?

They are not expensive in comparison to letting tooth decay occur and then having to get a filling or root canal done. The average is considered to be between $35 and $60 per tooth. The exact price will vary depending on each patient and what area you are in. Your dentist will discuss the costs with you before going ahead with treatment. 


What About Medical Insurance?

Oly-Tumwater Affordable Dental has special offers and is able to provide medical insurance with links to most companies. The majority of Insurance Companies will even cover the cost of young patients under the age of 18, so it is worth checking with your provider if this applies to you.

Get in contact with one of our friendly team members today so that we can sort out your dental needs as soon as possible. We look forward to welcoming you to the clinic.