Exceptional Family Dentist in Tumwater and Oly

We love families at Affordable Family Dentistry! We’re proud to be the area’s leading family dentist in Tumwater and Olympia, Washington. We happily deliver smiles to countless faces, regardless of age. 

As a family dentist, Dr. Dhanoa has expertise in dental conditions for patients of all ages, from babies to senior citizens. Seeing a family dentist has many benefits, in addition to the fact that you are seeing someone whom your family knows and trusts. 

Family Dentistry For Healthy Smiles on Every Face

What is a family dentist? It is a dentist who serves all patients regardless of their age range or dental needs. As a family dentist, Dr. Dhanoa has a broad range of expertise and offers many dental services in Tumwater and Oly. 

For example, ask us if you have children and want to know the best time to bring them in for their first dental appointment! We are familiar with the unique dental needs of children, and we can keep them smiling through their dental developmental stages. 

Or, if you are interested in dental implants to replace a missing tooth, we can help with that, too! We’ll cover all your questions about the process and help you restore the glory of your smile with our restorative dentistry services. 

And if you just need a regular dental checkup and cleaning, visit us. We can help you keep your teeth in optimal health and prevent problems from occurring or address existing dental issues with treatments such as root canals or dental crowns in Tumwater and Oly, Washington. We are your one-stop shop for healthy teeth and gums. 

Even More Benefits of Family Dentistry

Our quality service continues beyond our broad expertise range or excellent treatment variety. The fact that you can schedule every family member under one roof at our state-of-the-art dental facility means you can save time and money. 

With other types of dentists, you may need to schedule different appointments at different offices, depending on the specialty you need. But with our family dentistry office, you can schedule multiple appointments for different family members on the same day. Instead of driving all around town to keep everyone’s teeth healthy, you can spend the extra time doing things you love with your family. 

And it can help your family members to know and trust their dentist when it is the same dentist year after year. We would be proud to welcome your family members into our dental family for life. Family dentist Dr. Dhanoa and his team will know all your dental histories, know your treatment preferences, and understand your dental goals in-depth. Treatment from our familiar, smiling faces can help with even the most daunting dental work.

Another advantage of seeing a family dentist is that it allows parents to set an example for their kids. When parents have treatment from the same dental team as their children, their children can better understand that dental appointments are beneficial for everyone. Children learn from examples, and seeing their parents’ smiling faces during and after treatment will help them look forward to dental appointments rather than dread them. 

Your Family Dentist in Tumwater and Oly, Washington

We have named only a few benefits of visiting our family dentistry office. We invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ajaipal Dhanoa so that you can understand firsthand the benefits of our quality service. We’ll greet you with smiling faces, escort you to the dentist’s chair, and work to understand the best treatment plan for your needs.

Contact us today to get started at Affordable Family Dentistry! We look forward to seeing you and showing you what we can do for all of those beautiful smiles!