Visit Our Friendly Family Dentistry!


If you and your family are looking for affordable, family-friendly dental care in the Tumwater, Washington area, you are in the right place. At Affordable Dental Care, our goal is to help you and your family achieve the smile of your dreams. We offer service for all ages and even provide new patient and senior discounts. Learn more about family dentistry in the Tumwater, Washington area.

What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry focuses on the entire family. There are numerous benefits to visiting a family dentist. One reason to choose a family dentist is the convenient appointment times. Instead of going to a dentist at multiple different times for each family member, a family dentist can allow you to schedule each family member’s appointment back to back. This means no unnecessary waiting and back and forth trips to the dentist. Another benefit of a family dentist is that the dentist knows your family history and can predict problems that your family members may have. Predicting potential dental concerns is a significant advantage to preventing dental concerns.

Why Go to a Pediatric Dentist?

A family dentist also specializes in pediatric dentistry. A dentist specializing in pediatric dentistry is essential for your child because they can anticipate how their teeth will grow. Additionally, a pediatric dentist is familiar with children and better at communicating with them.

When to go to a Pediatric Dentist?

At Affordable Dental Care, we recommend bringing in your child for a pediatric dental appointment when their first tooth erupts. If their first tooth does not erupt by age one, bring them in for an appointment. Before their first appointment, you can still care for their oral care. One way to do this is by wiping their gums after each bottle. Gums, at any age, can develop decay, and it is essential to protect them. Another way to protect your baby’s gums is to avoid putting them to sleep with a bottle. Sleeping with a bottle can cause Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, a severe condition.

Dentistry for all Ages

At Affordable Dental Care, we celebrate dentistry for all ages. Dentistry for all ages means that we offer dental solutions for children, young teens, adults, and geriatrics. An example of a few services we offer is wisdom teeth removal, dental fillings, dental implants, and dentures. Also, to support our older population, we offer senior discounts at Affordable Dental Care.

Affordable Family Dentistry in Tumwater, WA

Not only does Affordable Dental Care offer family dentistry, but we also offer it at an affordable rate. We have flexible financing options for all patients in the Tumwater, Washington area. Additionally, we offer CareCredit, a credit card that pays explicitly for what insurance cannot pay. Lastly, Affordable Dental Care provides specials for all patients. We offer specials on specific services and specials for certain people, such as new patients, seniors, and veterans. Contact us today to find out how we can help you afford your dream smile.

Affordable Dental Care is here for you and your family. At our dental practice in Tumwater, Washington, we help many families reach their oral health goals. One way we do this is through flexible scheduling. Additionally, we know your family history with a family dentist, making it easier for us to anticipate your needs. We offer family dentistry for all ages, even pediatric dentistry. The best part is that we offer family dentistry at an affordable price. Call our office today for more information on family dentistry from Affordable Dental Care or schedule an appointment.